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Dirty Blonde
by Claudia Shear
directed by Ethan McSweeny
September 10, 2002October 13, 2002

She doesn't sit like a lady or laugh like a little girl. In this delightful collage, we meet the great Mae West, and see how she shook up America's staid popular culture of the '30s. We hear some of the songs and quips that made her a legend such as "I'm no angel, but I've spread my wings a bit." And we see the effect this icon has on two shy young souls in our own era. If you look behind the beguiling facade of this surprise Broadway smash you'll find a saga of show business triumph - and a sweet, touching little love story.


Ryan Dunn • Jo
Ryan Dunn • Mae West
Kevin Carolan • Charlie
Kevin Carolan • Harry, Mae’s accompanist
Kevin Carolan • Jim Timony, lawyer, manager & producer
Kevin Carolan • Barry O’Neill, actor playing Lt. Gregg
Kevin Carolan • The Dutchess, drag queen
Kevin Carolan • Kid Moreno, boxer
Kevin Carolan • W.C. Fields, comedian
Kevin Carolan • Muscle Man
Albert Macklin • Man
Albert Macklin • Armando, groundskeeper
Albert Macklin • Joe Frisco, former vaudeville headliner
Albert Macklin • Frank Wallace, vaudevillian
Albert Macklin • Ed Elsner, stage director
Albert Macklin • Judge, 10th District Court
Albert Macklin • Ed Hearn, female impersonator
Albert Macklin • Muscle Man

Production Team

Andrew Jackness • Set Designer
Michael Sharpe • Costume Designer
John Stephen Hoey • Lighting Designer
Eileen Tague • Sound Designer