Behind the scenes photos of Bootycandy!

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Bootycandy actor Benja Kay Thomas took a few behind the scenes photos of our amazing cast as they are fitted for costumes. Check out what happens back-stage!

Actor Lance Coadie Williams is helped into a costume by Wilma wardrobe supervisor Regina Rizzo.


The cast poses for photographer (and co-star) Benja Kay Thomas.


Wilma Resident Stage Manager Pat Adams tries on one of wig designer David Bova's extra treats.


Dueling Actor/Photographers: Ross Beschler (pictured) and Benja Kay Thomas (behind this camera).


Lance Coadie Williams talks with set/costume designer Clint Ramos, with wardrobe supervisor Regina Rizzo looking on.


Wardrobe intern Alexa Smith helps Jocelyn Bioh into one of her costumes.


Pat, you look divine in purple!

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