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"For Americans who know British playwright Richard Bean only for his hit Broadway farce One Man, Two Guvnors, his 2003 drama Under the Whaleback is quite a shock — and should have theater companies rushing to read his many other plays. The East Hull native’s drama about his city’s once-thriving fishing industry receives a stunning Wilma Theater North American premiere."
Fishermen's Lives Take Center Stage at the Wilma, Review in Philadelphia City Paper
"The production’s casting is spot-on!"
The Brutal Realities of Life at Sea in The Wilma’s UNDER THE WHALEBACK, Review from STAGE Magazine
“We’re trying to make the movement of the boat as mysterious and dangerous as possible.”
A whale of a play, Feature in Philadelphia Metro
"Poets and playwrights have glorified the exploits of seafaring men since Homer's Odyssey. The Wilma Theater presents a more personal, though no less inspiring, look at this tradition in its riveting North American premiere of Richard Bean's Under the Whaleback."
Gritty fishermen grapple with their fathers and the sea, Review in The Philadelphia Inquirer
"When you read the play, it reads like three folktales," [Pearce Bunting] says. "And when you get to the end, it feels like an epic."
At the Wilma, the set of "Under the Whaleback" is a character all its own, Feature in The Philadelphia Inquirer
"All the actors in this Wilma production are quite extraordinary...the whole cast is completely engaged in the piece"
REVIEW: Under the Whaleback, Review from Curtain Up