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The Winter’s Tale
April 17 - 27 | Caplan Studio Theater
Directed by David Howey

Tragic, romantic, hilarious, and uplifting, this genre-bending masterpiece is one of William Shakespeare’s most elegant and haunting plays. In a surprising Shakespearean twist, what begins as a tale of a king’s betrayal and jealousy becomes, through time, a story where broken hearts are restored, and love is reborn.

Spring Dance Show A
April 17, 19 | 7pm | Merriam Theater
-Douglas Becker
-Iris Bouche
-Freshman Project
-Mark Caserta
-Shani Collins-Achille
-Manfred Fischbeck
-Doug Varone

Spring Dance Show B
April 18-19 | Merriam Theater
-Meredith Rainey
-Molly Misgalla
-Douglas Becker/Anne White/Chris Forsyth, Sophomore Performance and Coaching Project
-Iquail Shaheed
-Wayne David
-Roni Koresh

Spring Dance Show C
April 25-26 | 7pm | Arts Bank Theater
Tickets for this show are only availible at the UArts Box Office
-Curt Haworth
-Kim Bears-Bailey
-Daniel Clifton
-Sidra Bell, Sophomore Performance and Coaching Project
-Daquan Thompson
-Netta Yerulshalmy

Parental Advisory
April 24-27 | Gershman Hall

Private Injuries by Sarah Galante (DPP '16) and Field Dependency (Acting '15) are two new plays that explore the themes of parental influences and pressures. We meet characters that struggle with complex romantic relationships that are directly related to their relationships with their mothers and fathers. Can they overcome their pasts in order to move on with their futures?

The dates:
• Performance Day #1: Thursday, April 24th- Field Dependency (7:30pm)
• Performance Day #2: Friday, April 25th- Private Injuries (7:30pm)
• Performance Day #3: Saturday, April 26th- Private Injuries (2:00pm), Field Dependency (7:30pm)
• Performance Day #4: Sunday, April 27th- Field Dependency (2:00pm), Private Injuries (7:30pm)

Field Dependency is written by TC Lind (Acting) and directed by Monique Asselin(DPP)
Private Injuries is written by Sarah Galante(DPP) and directed by Christina Franklin(DPP).

Ira Brind School Caberet
May 2-4 | Laurie Beechman Cabaret

The graduating seniors of the Ira Brind School of Theater Arts will be performing for a special engagement at the Arts Bank Laurie Beechman Cabaret. Tickets are FREE but reservations required.