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Pay Up

September 4-22

Step into a labyrinthine, choose-your-own adventure about buying and selling everything under the sun. Philadelphia's premier physical theater company re-imagines its 2005 show, post financial crisis style. Part circus, part laboratory experiment, part shopping experience, Pay Up is a pay-as-you-go race against the clock to pick what plays you want to see.
You are given plastic booties, five one-dollar bills, and led into all-white warehouse space that has been converted into eight experimental labs/performance rooms, along with hallways, a gathering space, and backrooms. With a loudspeaker announcing the rules, and at times breaking its own rules, you get six chances to choose one of eight shows, each costing $1. Enter a room, sit in a chair, put headphones on, and watch the show. Repeat. But choose wisely and make sure you get there before the big buzzer goes off. Or else.



Man Of Mode

September 26 – 29
The Man of Mode, is a comedy by George Etherege that satirizes the behavior of the libertines, courtiers, and wits of London during the seventeenth century. It is the fashionable world of theatricals, parks, drawing rooms, and bed chambers, of people who can sleep through the morning, of masks, flirtations, stylish clothing, and sexual intrigues that returned to London after the fall of the Commonwealth. The characters indulge in an idle and libertine life, while pretense seems to spread all over the community. Men pretend to wit and women pretend to virtue. As Harold Love suggested, Restoration Comedy foregrounds “the tyranny of the passion and the fragility of pretension”.


Spring Awakening

October 17 – 26
Winner of 8 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Spring Awakening is a rock musical adaptation of Frank Wedekind's 1891 expressionist play about the trials and tribulations, and the exhilaration of the teen years. Spring Awakening explores the confusion and desperation that ensue when the onrushing tide of hormones meets the ignorance of children. Spring Awakening celebrates the unforgettable journey from youth to adulthood with a power, poignancy, and passion that you will never forget.


O Beautiful

October 31 – November 3
The play takes place in a fictionalized Delaware, where Jesus and the country’s founding fathers share the stage with contemporary political pundits and residents of a small, rural town. A new play that raises the questions: “Who are we becoming? Who are we allowing ourselves to become? Where is our compassion?"



November 14 – 17
Directed and cultivated by senior DPP major Lauren Tuvell, An interactive and immersive environment. Part installation, part theatrical happening. An in-depth exploration of art as a means of re-creation; an exploration of art as a means to rebuild post-catastrophe. With seven unlikely undesirables at the helm, parthenon will rattle expectations with its endless inventivity and explore the raw power of creativity. It will not be afraid to make a scene, even when it means description by made-up words.


Steppin’ Out With The Duke

November 20 – 24
A College of Performing Arts Collaboration encompassing the majors of Dance, Musical Theatre and Acting. Incorporating song, dance, and poetry this collaboration piece pays homage to the works of Duke Ellington, come celebrate these works with us in November on the Merriam stage!