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Meghan Heimbecker, Glynn Turman, Yaegel Welch, photo by Jim Roese

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Meghan Heimbecker, Glynn Turman, Yaegel Welch, photo by Jim Roese

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Meghan Heimbecker, Yaegel Welch, photo by Jim Roese

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Meghan Heimbecker, Glynn Turman, photo by Jim Roese

My Children! My Africa!
by Athol Fugard
directed by Blanka Zizka
December 6, 2006January 7, 2007

Athol Fugard, praised by The New Yorker as “a primary candidate for either the Nobel Prize in Literature or the Nobel Peace Prize,” confronts the tragedy of apartheid in his native land of South Africa in this compelling and hopeful tale. A humble teacher in a segregated township is determined to match his most gifted student with an enthusiastic white schoolgirl in an English literature competition. As the drilling for the competition advances and political unrest worsens, friendships become colored by impassioned debates, and the three characters struggle to find resolution to South Africa’s racial and social divides.

Starring Glynn Turman (Cooley High, HBO’s "The Wire", and recipient of the NAACP’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Theatre), Meghan Heimbecker, and Yaegel Welch.

Press / News

"Three profoundly moving performances of extraordinary modesty and restraint make this revival a surprisingly significant one...notably so under Blanka Zizka's splendid direction..."
— Variety
"The performances could not be stronger, clearer, or more moving. The delicate shifts in lighting and the elegant simplicity of the set make this a visually memorable production as well...the Wilma is providing us quite a demonstration of theatrical range."
— The Philadelphia Inquirer
 • Set Designer


Glynn Turman • Mr. M (Anela Myalatya)
Meghan Heimbecker • Isabel Dyson
Yaegel Welch • Thami Mbikwana

Production Team

John Stephen Hoey • Lighting Designer
Millie Hiibel • Costume Designer
Bill Moriarty • Sound Designer
 • Dramaturg
Patrick Heydenburg • Production Manager
Patreshettarlini Adams • Stage Manager