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The cast of The Life of Galileo

The Life of Galileo
by Bertolt Brecht
translated by David Edgar
directed by Blanka Zizka
April 11, 2007May 19, 2007

The epic story of Galileo comes to life in the Wilma’s vibrant re-imagining of Brecht’s masterpiece! In a simple study in Padua, Galileo raises his telescope to the skies and transforms hypothesis into proof that Earth is not the center of the universe. Word of his discovery radiates from the streets of Venice to the palaces of Rome, shaking the age-old core beliefs of his society. Galileo is ultimately brought before the Holy Inquisition and forced to make a decision that fuels passionate debates over science, politics, religion, and ethics - even to this day. An ambitious production in every aspect, The Life of Galileo brings to the stage many of Philadelphia’s most esteemed actors in a sparkling new translation from Tony® and Olivier-winning playwright David Edgar (The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby).

 • Set Designer


John Campion • Galileo
Zac Chew • Young Andrea, Boy 2
Grace Gonglewski • Mrs. Sarti
Scott Barrow • Ludovico, Clavius, Adult Cosimo de Medici, Scribe
Scott Greer • Provost, Fat Prelate, Singer, Vanni
Greg Wood • Sagredo, Ballarmin, Individual, Monk
John Zak • Senator, Philosopher, Little Monk, Official, Peasant
Ross Manson • Senator, Old Cardinal, Barberini, Border Guard
Peter Pryor • Senator, Chamberlain, Astronomer, Adult Andrea
Sarah Sanford • Virginia
David Howey • Doge, Mathematician, Cardinal Inquisitor
Anthony Lawton • Federzoni, A Monk, Secretary, Singer
Dante Mignucci • Young Cosimo de Medici, Boy 1

Production Team

Tyler Micoleau • Lighting Designer
Janus Stefanowicz • Costume Designer
Troy Herion • Sound Designer and Composer
Aaron Cromie • Mask and Puppet Designer