Attis Theatre Workshop Testimonials - Ross Beschler and Janis Dardaris


Greek director Theodoros Terzopoulos and his company, Attis Theatre, visited the Wilma during FringeArts in September. In addition to performing Ajax, the madness, Attis led a five-day workshop for twenty-five Philadelphia actors. Mr. Terzopoulos’ systematic, physically rigorous methodology was well-received by the workshop participants, many of whom continue to meet weekly to practice these exercises with Wilma Artistic Director Blanka Zizka. The participating actors were gracious enough to share their reflections with the Wilma.


Five days with Mr. Terzopoulos was revelatory - lately I and many of my fellow American theatre artists have been lamenting, and suffering from, a lack of daily, disciplined training.  Exposure to Mr. Terzopoulos’ thoughts and method, even briefly, has changed my relationship to my breath and my body, and given me a new sense of the forms that ongoing training can take.  In Mr. Terzopolous' partnered work, I discovered that I have the capability to push far beyond my own self-imposed limits.  It was terrifying and amazing, and has inspired me to work at my own flexibility more deeply.  The differences could be felt immediately in both my daily life and my performance work - I inhabit the world and the stage more fully, with power, openness, easier breath, and a more available body.

- Ross Beschler


The physical challenges presented in Mr. Terzopoulos’ workshop reminded me of what kind of excellence an actor must strive toward.  I think it's been far too easy to find work that does not make any demands on the actors physical life.  I was reinvigorated and focused toward maintaining that discipline so my work will have deeper dimension in whatever style I perform. He is a fascinating teacher and a great thinking artist - I was privileged to be a part of his teaching in the workshop.  I want to continue this discipline. 

- Janis Dardaris


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