Preparing for Under the Whaleback


For our inaugural Under the Whaleblog post,  Whaleback actor Pearce Bunting shares a few pre-rehearsal thoughts.


Well, here we go.

I’ve never done a blog before and I’m not sure I want to. Something about the me that’s diving inside not wanting to inform the outside of what I’m up to…

That said, 4 days till I leave for Philly to begin rehearsals for Under The Whaleback and I’m in my man cave, my little subterranean deckie quarters, with the sound of the ocean playing on the computer, and surrounded by pictures, scripts, notes, dvd’s of Hull fishermen, cd’s of music to inspire me and a pocket digital recorder full of dialect sounds, (theh’s gorra be sumthin’ dodge-eh about thaht, an’t theh?). I’m wondering what my future deck mates are up to- are they huddled up in their own little holes like me, tired of all the reading and listening and watching and speaking and anticipating (don’t pronounce the “ing”), and ready to get to work? With some other human beings?

Most of us have been looking forward to this for almost a year but I have to admit, with the last precious few seconds ticking away (a-weh), I’m shitting my pants with fear and excitement. What the hell do I know about this world of trawler fishing? These larger than life men with huge thighs who risk their lives at sea for 3 weeks at a time- getting hurled back and forth by swells from force 10 winds, working in the brutal, crippling cold, barely sleeping all that time -16 hours on/8 hours off if they’re lucky- living in a metal room smaller than my New York apartment, eating greasy food, and praying they’ll make it home alive, all so they can get back to dry land with a fortune (they hope!) in their pockets and  a 3 day break to buy a new suit, go to pub and drink themselves into oblivion, blow all their cash, visit home just long enough to make some babies, and head back out to do it again? The answer? Really? I know fuck all.

Buht, eh…

I’m thinking I’m my own little three day millionaire - I’m leaving my man cave and my wife and kid for 2 months to go to sea. The Wilma’s the ship, the cast and the crew are me mates, the play is the ocean, finding out how to live it is the haul, and Blanka is the force 10 Hurricane- fully poised to kick our arses. Oh, and we’ll be returning with nowt in our pockets.

God help us all.

p.s. I won’t be so articulate from here on out.


Check back! We'll have more notes from Pearce as well as Under the Whaleback director Blanka Zizka.


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