Wilma One Question: Patreshettarlini Adams and Johnny Van Heest


If you could ask anyone at the Wilma - actors, designers, directors, staff members - just ONE question, what would it be? For our next question, we asked Resident Stage Manager Patreshettarlini (Pat) Adams and Digital Communications Manager Johnny Van Heest a Wilma One Question. 

The Body of an American chronicles the friendship between playwright Dan O'Brien and photojournalist Paul Watson - a friendship that was developed over three years of email exchanges. It's remarkable how such a profound relationship began with letters between two strangers.

So we asked, have you ever had a pen pal?

I had a pen-pal when I was in 8th grade.  I changed school for 9th grade, so I don’t know what happened to her.  She lived in China.  The letters went through our schools, so when I got transferred to a different school, I lost her.

Johnny: Our high school had a 'sister' school in Annecy, France where students were able to participate in a host-family exchange program. Before I went to stay with my host family, I exchanged a number of letters and emails with the girl who would act as my guide. It was a great way to acclimate into the new cultural experience - when I eventually arrived in Annecy, it was like visiting a familiar friend. I've kept the letters, but unfortunately I have lost contact.

Have you ever written to a pen pal?
And what Question would you ask the Wilma?


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