Wilma Classroom

The students were fascinated by the backstage tour, as you could see. It really made for a special experience for these freshmen and I can’t thank you enough.

Rose Malague, University of Pennsylvania

An integral part of the Wilma’s artistic mission is to “engage artists and audiences in imaginative reflection on the complexities of contemporary life.” Wilma Classroom is a program designed to exploit the unique learning opportunities that emerge when students confront these complexities outside the traditional classroom setting. The anticipation that live theater generates, the sense anything can happen at any moment, along with the Wilma’s style of fusing culturally relevant themes with high velocity theatricality, combine to create a spontaneous and compelling learning laboratory for students.

Wilma Classroom provides educators with curricular support and complimentary programming to assist them in integrating a live or virtual theater performance into their curriculum. 

Program Elements

Educators can choose to take advantage of any or all of the following offerings included in the price of the ticket:

  • Initial meeting/conversation between Education Director and educator to discuss course relevance and outline a plan specific to the needs of the class.
  • A copy of the production script (when possible) for perusal.
  • A copy of our Educator Guide (when available), which provides background on the play, artist interviews, historical context, discussion questions and in class activities.
  • Pre-show discussion or interactive workshop (either in your school or at the Wilma) to help prepare students for the show.
  • Post-show discussion or interactive workshop (either in the classroom or at the Wilma) to answer questions and add insight into the play, the artistic concept, and the production process.
  • Wilma Student Group tickets are just $12/each.


Are you a teacher, professor or school administrator interested in streaming Kill Move Paradise, Mr. Burns, or another Wilma production with your students? For more information about watching the show and available educational resources, please contact education@wilmatheater.org.

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