HotHouse Crush Series

Ever had a crush? A quiet obsession with someone you know? Can you recall those butterflies in your stomach, the thrill you’d feel as they walked by? Ever find yourself smiling or blushing despite your best attempts at composure?

Don’t lie. We know you have. And don’t worry, you’ll be in good company at the Wilma’s HotHouse Crush Series: a new set of events hosted by our resident company of actors in the Wilma’s café. Join members of the HotHouse company of actors as they share the art and artists that make them swoon and sigh. Featuring everything from theatre, to movement, to music, to spoken word, and beyond; grab a drink and enjoy this new cabaret series. And don’t be surprised if our crushes make you blush, too.

The series begins with:


Anthony Martinez-Briggs and ILL DOOTS
Friday, December 15 @ 9:00pm

in the Wilma’s café

Resident Artist Anthony Martinez-Briggs brings his band ILL DOOTS to the café stage. Featured in the Wilma’s 2016 production of An Octoroon, ILL DOOTS returns to perform an intimate set with opening group Plant Me Here.

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Why do I have a crush on ILL DOOTS?
“ILL DOOTS is my first ensemble. The members have changed. The sound has expanded. The explorations have shifted. Even the mission has evolved --- but the need to create has always driven us forward, that has not changed. We cannot not create, it is not an option for our existences. No matter the shape and sound of ILL DOOTS the product never exists without full respect for the necessity of the process; each individual's process as well as the process of communing, listening, and collaborating together.”
What about Plant Me Here?
“From Plant Me Here's onset it became clear that their efforts paralleled many of the beliefs ILL DOOTS had regarding art making.  They created an ensemble to expand their form--- working on a show that didn't exist until they birthed it, formed it, cultivated it---with great care and reverence as well as risk and abandon and dirt and love and pain and laughs and spooky stuff and poetry and inclusion and smashing the patriarchy. Every piece they have made since, together as an ensemble, has followed that mold while simultaneously breaking away from the framework they set with each prior production. Impressive considering I can't even count the number of productions they've had since their inception. I look forever forward to their future and growth just to see what in the universe they'll do next!”





Spoken Word with Jaylene Clark Owens
Saturday, December 16 @ 7:30pm

in the Wilma’s café

Company Member Jaylene Clark Owens brings an evening of spoken word poetry with fellow artists Kirwyn Sutherland and Kassidi Jones.

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Why do I have a crush on spoken word?  
“I have a crush on spoken word poetry because it is one of my favorite ways to creatively express myself. I have a crush on spoken word poetry because it combines my love of performance and my love of language, causing the words to penetrate my heart and soul on a deeper level.”


All HotHouse Crush Series performances are FREE and open to the public with a suggested donation of $10 at the door.