Lee Minora's White Feminist

Put on your pantsuit and your pussy hat: this March, The Wilma Theater presents Lee Minora’s second solo show White Feminist. With White Feminist, Minora is exposing the ugly truth behind respectability politics, “leaning in", and self-serving feminist hypocrisy. Join the live studio audience, applaud, smile, dance and speak only when spoken to as your host Becky presides with the hard hitting, serious questions only a daytime talk show host can ask. With the best of intentions and the worst of exclusionary feminism, White Feminist is Megyn Kelly without the cue cards, Taylor Swift without the appropriated beats and Lena Dunham without the half-hearted apologies.

White Feminist will have its first public showing at The Wilma Theater's Alan and Ruth Scholnick Studio on Saturday, March 24th at 7:30pm, under the direction of Alice Yorke, co-artistic director of Lightning Rod Special. We’ll bet you 77 cents on the dollar you’re going to love it.
This is a pay-what-you-can event. Tickets will be available at the door. Payment in $5 increments is preferred. 

Content Advisory: This show contains material that may be upsetting for some viewers. If you’d like more information please email lee.minora@gmail.com


About Lee Minora

Lee Minora is a theater maker, comedian and solo artist based in Philadelphia. Her solo show Cheeks, a wild feminist clown play, was originally produced by The Berserker Residents in the 2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival where it premiered as one half of the clown double header I F*cking Dare You.

Cheeks was then remounted at Good Good Comedy Theater and The Scranton Shakespeare Festival before it toured to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017. Lee was awarded the Jilline Ringle Solo Performance grant to help support her run at the Edinburgh Fringe. Lee has created and performed work with The Berserker Residents, Applied Mechanics, New Paradise Laboratories, Renegade Theater and Found Theater Company where she was a co-founding member. 

Regionally, she has performed with EgoPo Classic Theater, The Lantern Theater, Quintessence Theater Group, The Scranton Shakespeare Festival and Tiny Dynamite. She is also a teaching artist for The Wilma Theater, The Lantern Theater and The Scranton Shakespeare Festival. Lee is a graduate of Temple University where she received her BA in theater.