Play Readings

The Wilma will present rehearsed readings of exciting new plays under consideration for the upcoming 2013/2014 Season.  Audiences are invited to participate in the discussions immediately following the readings as the Wilma gathers input and responses to plays.  Readings are FREE, and reservations are required.  For tickets, please call the Box Office at 215.546.7824 or email

by Lizzie Nunnery
Monday, January 7, 2013 @ 7:30pm

Liverpool, 1854. St. George’s Hall nears completion, celebrating the glory of this thriving seaport. The prosperity has reached Norwegian immigrant Brynjar, who has been offered a full-time job as a clerk, giving the promise of a real home for he, his wife Millie, and his stepchildren. But new possibilities also arouse old fears and insecurities. Intemperance, given five stars by the Guardian, is a vivid, poetic, and timeless examination of the culture of poverty. It is the first play from the young British playwright and songwriter Lizzie Nunnery. Featuring Hannah Gold (InterAct's Microcrisis), Matteo Scammell (Our Class), Danielle Skraastad (Becky Shaw), Lindsay Smiling (Macbeth), and H. Michael Walls (Leaving); directed by Walter Bilderback.

The Golden Dragon
by Roland Schimmelpfennig
Monday, January 14, 2013 @ 7:30pm

Multiple stories swirl around a Thai/Chinese/Vietnamese fast food restaurant in a nameless Western city in this magical play. The kitchen staff deals with an illegal immigrant's toothache. Two stewardesses face the loneliness of their "glamorous" lives over Thai soup. A grandfather and granddaughter reflect on time and life's surprises. And the fable of the Ant and the Cricket is retold with a surprising contemporary twist. This kaleidoscopic look at a globalized world is written by one of Germany's most innovative and adventurous writers. In brief and fierce comic scenes, 5 actors play 15 characters, crossing lines of age, race and sex, in a poetic and surprisingly moving portrait of intertwined lives. Featuring Janis Dardaris (Becky Shaw), James Ijames (Angels in America), Kahyun Kim (Assistance), Stephen Novelli (Angels in America), and Ed Swidey (Our Class); directed by Eric Ting (Long Wharf Theatre, We Are Proud to Present . . . at Soho Rep and Victory Gardens Theatre).

Don Juan Comes Home From the War
by Ödön von Horváth
Monday, January 21, 2013 @ 7:30pm

In this modern retelling of the Don Juan myth, the great lover returns from World War I. He feels his experience of the war has made him a better man, but does civilian society have a place for this new man, or only the old Don Juan? An epic drama from the thirties by Ödön von Horváth, who died in a bizarre accident at the age of thirty seven in Paris, while awaiting a travel visa to the US. Horváth is considered a 20th Century classic in Europe: many of his admirers believe that if he survived to make it to this country, he would be considered as important as his peer, Bertolt Brecht.

Ödön von Horváth’s script served as the inspiration for a soon-to-be announced collaborative project with Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Paula Vogel. Featuring Krista Apple (Our Class), Mary Lee Bednarek (Lantern's Henry IV, Part I), Carla Belver (Arden's August: Osage County), Ross Beschler (Our Class), Kate Czajkowski (Assistance), Sarah Gliko (Lantern's The Liar), Hannah Gold (InterAct's Microcrisis), Karen Peakes (People's Light's Aladdin), Catharine Slusar (Theatre Exile's Iron), and Mary Tuomanen (Arden's Cinderella); directed by Blanka Zizka.

Man in Love
by Christina Anderson
Monday, January 28, 2013 @ 7:30pm

In a nameless Depression-era city, there are a lot of secrets in the neighborhoods known as The Spread and The Zoo. Bernice’s rent parties know most of them, but nursing student Hazel and the ambitious Paul Pare have a few of their own. And where secrets lurk, can danger be far behind? Man in Love reinvents 30s noir to create a moving depiction of identity and love. Blackburn Award nominee Christina Anderson is a poetic, innovative new voice. Featuring Ross Beschler (Our Class), Phillip James Brannon (Bootycandy), Jessica Frances Dukes (Woolly Mammoth's In the Next Room), Sarah Gliko (Lantern's The Liar), Brian Ratcliffe (Under the Whaleback), and Luigi Sottile (Angels in America); directed by Robert O’Hara (Bootycandy).