Script Submissions

Established as The Wilma Project in 1979. Produces 4 plays/year, 6-week runs. LORT-D 300-seat theater, average ticket price: $40.

Agent submissions only, (*see policy below). Response Time: 6-9 months.

We look for: Full-length plays, translations, adaptations and musicals from an international repertoire with an emphasis on innovative, bold staging; world premieres; ensemble works; works with poetic dimension; plays with music; multi-media works; social issues. Preferred maximum cast size: 12. Stage dimensions: 44’ x 46’.

Submission Policy: Due to staffing and scheduling limitations, the Wilma is only able to accept unsolicited manuscripts from agents. However, if accompanied by a recommendation from a literary manager, dramaturg, or other theater professional, we will accept a query by mail which should include the following: a cover letter, a synopsis, and a writing resume or description of your writing background, plus a ten-page sample of the piece. We will only respond to queries for which we would like to request the full manuscript. We also ask that you please honor the following request:

Before submitting any material to The Wilma Theater, please read our mission statement and research our production history, which are located on our website. Considering the types of plays we have produced in the past, honestly assess whether or not your play would suit us. Researching the various theaters to which a playwright sends his or her work is important in the long and short run, as different theaters have different missions and therefore seek out material corresponding with those goals. Please think through the true potential of your play at the Wilma, and if it would be a compatible relationship.

The Wilma Theater prefers e-mail submissions over mailed submissions. You may email submissions to Kellie Mecleary at Our mailing address is:

The Wilma Theater
265 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(If you would like to receive your script back, please include SASE.)