Wilma HotHouse


"One of the most vigorously cohesive ensembles I've ever seen on a professional stage."
- Matt Flocco, DC Metro Theater Arts, on When the Rain Stops Falling

The Wilma HotHouse is an incubator for artistic investigation and experimentation, and enables its company of actors to dare and explore under the Wilma’s auspices. HotHouse allows the Wilma to develop new works specifically for our company of actors; to conduct readings, intensive workshops, and other experiments with company members and guest artists; and to hone a unique theatrical aesthetic for the Wilma through rigorous actor training.

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HotHouse Company Members

Ross Beschler

Next seen in Describe the Night

 Last seen in There, Mr. Burns, a post-electric play and Dionysus Was Such A Nice Man.

“Everything I do has been taken to a new level - my voice, body, creative instincts, imagination. I can’t conceive of approaching the work of the last five years without my Hothouse experiences to help guide me.”

Taysha Marie Canales

Next seen in Is God Is

Last seen in Dance Nation, There, Romeo and Juliet, and Dionysus Was Such A Nice Man

“Hothouse continues to challenge me artistically and personally. Meeting with the same group of artists every week for the past two years has created an open space for creativity and growth. I am grateful for the opportunity to explore and create with these artists whom I deeply admire.”


Jaylene Clark Owens

Next seen in Renaissance in the Belly of a Killer Whale

Last seen in Blood Wedding and An Octoroon.

"I am so appreciative of the exploration that I get to do as a member of HotHouse. We get to explore plays, including ones that are new or still in the process of being written, which is exciting. We also get to explore our bodies and voices through the various exercises that we do and the many guests that we have that come in to lead some of our sessions. It is a place where I can feel comfortable trying new things, and even failing at something, because I'm surrounded by this company of actors with whom I have formed this special bond." 


Keith Conallen

Next seen in Describe the Night

Last seen in Dance Nation, There, Romeo and Juliet, and Dionysus Was Such A Nice Man

“For me, the art of theatre is about exploration. Through HotHouse we not only explore the plays/poems/songs we are interested in, but the entire process that goes into making this art. We explore ourselves within that process.”


Melanye Finister

Next seen in Is God Is

Last seen in There, When the Rains Stops Falling, and Dionysus Was Such A Nice Man

“Plays are most exciting when they are breathing and living in present time. We get right to the work of discovering the life how the play lives in our bodies. We are doing it all together, playing, discovering and making together.”


Sarah Gliko

Next seen in Describe the Night

 Last seen in ThereBlood Wedding, and Mr. Burns, a post-electric play.

“HotHouse has become a brilliant collision of the personal and global, professional and private. Looking into the faces of my colleagues, learning the language of their bodies and the sound of their voices, I learn about myself and the potential of what exists between us.“


Justin Jain

Last seen in Dance Nation, There, Blood Wedding, and Romeo and Juliet.

“The Wilma HotHouse has empirically changed the way I think about and approach theatre making. To have the opportunity to explore, grow, train together and investigate exactly what it means to engage the actor’s thinking body, this ensemble allows me to take risks that have made me an exponentially better artist.”


Anthony Martinez-Briggs

Next seen in Describe the Night and Is God Is

Last seen in Kill Move Paradise


Jered McLenigan

Last seen in Blood Wedding and Mr. Burns, a post-electric play.

“I believe that the continuing work of the HotHouse is strengthening the bond not only within our ensemble, but between the ensemble and the audience, which
we’ve felt internally and has been stated by numerous patrons during our Lobby Talks after recent performances.”


Campbell O’Hare

Next seen in Describe the Night

 Last seen in Dance Nation, Blood Wedding and Mr. Burns, a post-electric play

“Our shared experiences as a company arrive onstage in the connections between our characters, the athleticism and daring of our bodies, emotions, and voices, and the wild abandon with which we trust and support one another as an ensemble. Our time together is a gift.”


Steven Rishard

Next seen in Describe the Night

Last seen in Adapt! and Romeo and Juliet

“We are all first and foremost storytellers at heart. Yet our inquisitive minds and dynamic bodies need a place for deeper excavation of meaning in the stories we plan to tell. HotHouse is that place.”


Brett Robinson

Next seen in Describe the Night and Is God Is

Last seen in Dance Nation, Blood Wedding and Mr. Burns, a post-electric play.


Matteo Scammell

Last seen in There, Romeo and Juliet, and Dionysus Was Such A Nice Man.

"What I see in HotHouse is a diverse group of devoted people moving away from American Theater norms and toward a theater of the ensemble. I think there is a culture in HotHouse that insists on discovering oneself. Our actors are in pursuit of limitlessness. Which I think begins with curiosity, bravery and a willingness to surrender. We employ a variety of both tangible and abstract techniques in order to activate a sensation that confirms our artistic taste; one related to endless possibility. In our craft there exists a delicate balance between the will of the individual and the spirit of Dionysus. And at HotHouse, in my opinion, we have the privilege to familiarize our minds with both aspects. And by doing so the artist is facile, flexible, powerful and present."

Lindsay Smiling

Next seen in Is God Is

Last seen in There, Mr. Burns, a post-electric play and Romeo and Juliet.

“I see us as a group becoming more and more connected to our voice and body, not only individually, but as a company. The HotHouse is one of the most thrilling and inspiring groups I’ve been a part of in my career.”

HotHouse Resident Artists

Suli Holum

Last Seen in Dance Nation.


Brandon Pierce


Affiliated Artist of the Wilma

Jennifer Kidwell
Kate Czjakowski
Krista Apple
Forrest McClendon
Brian Ratcliffe
Daniel Perelstein
Matt Saunders
Thom Weaver
James Ijames