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Body Resonance and the Performer’s Impulse

March 19–22, 2024

Unveil the untapped potential within you as a performer by delving into the symbiotic relationship between body, voice, impulse, and expression in this embodied performance lab, taught by co-Artistic Director and HotHouse Company member Lindsay Smiling.

Guided by the innovative techniques honed by HotHouse members, participants will engage in work that prioritizes deep breathing, flexibility, and vocal resonance. Expect to push your boundaries and gain a heightened awareness of your physical self, paving the way for the emergence of your authentic voice and body.

As a participant, come prepared for an active and ensemble-driven experience. Ditch the shoes, don knee pads, and bring a yoga mat and water bottle for this physically immersive journey. Our working methods draw inspiration from Theodoros Terzopoulos’ Dionysian Body, emphasizing core engagement for sustained performance, and the Wilma HotHouse’s Body Resonance techniques that transform the voice into a physical, embodied phenomenon.

Join us for a full day of focused exploration, patience, and attention, where you’ll not only discover the performer within but also learn to harness your body and voice as powerful tools of artistic expression.

Dates:March 19, 20, 21, 22
Melon Street Studio, 1713 Melon Street, Philadelphia


about your instructor

Lindsay Smiling is an award-winning, Philadelphia-based actor and educator. Mr. Smiling has collaborated with over 20 different theater companies and is a member of the Wilma Theater’s HotHouse Company. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University and an M.F.A. from Temple University. He is a current and founding member of the Black Theatre Alliance of Philadelphia, an Adjunct Professor at Temple University, and co Artistic Director of the Wilma Theater.