About the Wilma Values

The Wilma’s organizational values were defined in 2021 through conversations with all Wilma staff, board, and HotHouse Company members. It’s part of our anti-racism work, which you can read about here.

Wilma Values


Curiosity: A willing, playful, open-minded approach to each encounter, each person, our work and ourselves with an inquisitive imagination about what may emerge.

Courage: A desire to approach our work with boldness and openness, despite fear. 

Care: Thoughtfully considering the needs and wants of others with empathy.

Rigor: Fostering an environment in which we individually and collectively continue to learn, practice, and deepen our craft.

Joy: Actively creating the conditions for presence, pleasure, and vitality. 

Collaboration: A mode of working towards a common goal dependent on trust, respect, active listening, and mutual support; in which the ideas and experiences of all participants inform the outcome.

Liberation: Inclusivity and equity in our work, ensuring a dynamic and productive environment in which everyone is empowered, heard, and valued.