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Dramaturgy + Design of FAT HAM with Mariah Ghant and Matthew Zumbo

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Join us for an incredible exploration of the Wilma Theater’s upcoming production of Fat Ham

 This class will be taught by the Wilma Theater’s Artistic Associate and Literary Manager and Fat Ham Assistant Director Mariah Ghant, as well as Production Manager Matthew Zumbo. With these two teachers, students will gain in-depth knowledge about the artistic ideas that inspired this production of Fat Ham, in addition to discovering more about the design elements that brought the play from the page to the stage. As a part of the class, students will attend the December 3 matinee of Fat Ham and will meet for the 3-hour class which will include a tour of the stage. 

Theater makers and lovers of all backgrounds and experience levels are welcome to this class.

Date: December 3
Wilma Theater
$182, which includes the price of your FAT HAM ticket for Dec. 3 at 2pm


About Mariah Ghant

Mariah Ghant [she/hers] is multi-faceted artist, teacher, and administrator living in Philly. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago and an alumna of Vassar College, Mariah joined the team at the Wilma in January 2021 where she currently serves as the Artistic Associate and Literary Manager. Outside of the office, Mariah is a former Arden Apprentice (Class 26), a member of Theatre Contra, an improvisor with ComedySportz Philly, and on the Artistic Squad with Delaware Shakespeare. She also enjoys acting, dancing, teaching, writing poetry, and watching terrible reality TV. Mariah continues to pursue her passion for creating art that is accessible for all and provides opportunities for those otherwise underrepresented to have a voice. Learn more about her at her website and explore her poetry writing on Instagram @mariah.g.poetry.

About Matthew Zumbo

Philadelphia native, Matthew Zumbo, has worked in service of the theater industry for over 30 years. 24 of them, right here at the Wilma Theater.  In rare moments when he’s not at his Wilma post, “Zumbo” enjoys writing, biking, beatific-biblio, extolling the virtues of veganism and foiling toxic aristocracy. 

Zumbo has made a life in the theater.  He’s been a carpenter, rigger, properties artisan, metal-fabricator, flyman, and technical director.  He’s incredibly gratified that last season was his first as the Wilma’s Production Manager and he’s tired… but remains emotionally exhilarated to continue to evolve and expand his contributions to the Wilma and to the vibrant and diverse community of artists, craftspeople and administrators that create the theatrical realms that challenge and elevate us.