April 2–21, 2024

Open Mic hosted by Jaylene Clark Owens

Monday, April 15, 2024


The event will be in-person, in the Wilma Theater Lobby.

Whether you come to listen or share, we hope to see you there!

The open mic has a suggested donation of $10.00.

Performers and Audience members of this event may be photographed or recorded for promotional purposes.



DATE: Monday, April 15 at 7pm
THEME: What is Goodness?
FEATURED ARTIST: Sammy B (she/they)

Samantha Benvissuto, aka Sammy B, or notoriously known as Sam Benvi, is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores mental health, race, sexuality, and disability through poetry, music, visual and graphic art. Having lupus nephritis and mental illness, she has worked through her struggles by using art in whatever medium works for her at the time. The restrictions of her health and disabilities, as well as the influence of her immigrant mother, informs her work and gives voice to her struggles as she works through bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and lupus nephritis.

Samantha has spoken at the Jersey City Theater Center for the Disability in the Arts Panel, performed The Isms of Race with Guazabara Insights, modeled for clients like the RedCross, and appeared on many podcasts such as the Poets with Purpose and She is a regular guest on Authentic Feelosophies Glocawear Radio and has hosted her own radio show called Words Out Podcast in 2023. She is proud part of the Prototype 237 artist network and has a short story and poetry book out on Amazon.

Insta: @itsbymmas
Website: |



DATE: Monday, June 17 at 7pm
FEATURED ARTIST: Saskia with a live painting by Naphtalie
Saskia is a scholar-activist, educator, and writer from Philly by way of Haiti. A master of economics with accolades in research and poetry, she has been published across newspapers, magazines, and literary journals. Saskia is an Anaphora Literary Arts Fellow and teaches poetry, social studies, and economics. An eldest daughter with a revolutionary praxis, she has dedicated her life to liberation and radical love. @saskiakercy