Dance Nation. Photo by Johanna Austin


Instead of a typical subscription, for our 2020-21 Season, we’re offering a new type of way to get your tickets for this season: a WilmaPass.

With a WilmaPass, you’re showing your commitment to the Wilma, not to a specific night or production, but to our art, to the performers and artists you’ve grown to love, and to the value of theater in our city.

Please consider adding a tax-deductible donation to your order to help us return from this hiatus stronger than ever. 

We will have some exciting additions to the season. We will also have discounts, special sneak peaks, and more fun treats for WilmaPass holders throughout the season.



Why are there no dates in our season announcement?

Because of the pandemic and the complexity of our contracts, we’re not yet prepared to say when our productions will be released. Once we know our dates, we’ll announce them publicly. Please make sure we have your current email address.

Will the productions of Fat Ham and Minor Character be in-person or digital?

Fat Ham will be presented fully digitally, and there will be way to virtually watch Minor Character. We do not, however, know yet whether Minor Character will be released fully digitally or with a new hybrid model, in which we would have some audiences in the theater and some at home. But we have committed to those shows between March and June of 2021.

We will continue to keep safety as our priority, and we’ll keep informing you periodically on our progress and decisions.

Can I give one of my WilmaPass tickets to someone else?

Yes! You can send links for digital productions to friends.

Each WilmaPass ticket that you redeem will receive its own link for a viewing of a digital production, or a seat in the theater, depending on how the production is presented.

What can I use my WilmaPass for?

Your WilmaPass can be redeemed for views to any ticketed event the Wilma produces this season. There are the three main stage shows (Heroes of the Fourth Turning, Fat Ham, and Minor Character), which you will have the opportunity to redeem your WilmaPasses to view or attend. WilmaPass subscribers will also get other discounts and early access to our HotHouse Shorts.

When will we know more about those other projects for WilmaPass?

As soon as we have solidified more information, we will let you know! Please make sure we have your current email address.

Are we still having Cafe Chats for the digital productions?

For digital productions, we will still have Cafe Chats, but in a different format. We will record conversations with the cast and creative team that you can watch online.

How long is my pass good for?

Your WilmaPass tickets are valid for the whole 2020-21 season. We haven’t finalized all of our dates yet, but the season will end by July 31, 2020.

What if I was planning to use all of my WilmaPass tickets for Fairview?

We encourage you to experience the other great shows we have this season, and give WilmaPass tickets to friends. You can also turn the cost of any unused WilmaPass into a tax-deductible donation. Thank you for your flexibility during these challenging times.

Can I donate for a project?

Of course, and thank you! If you would like your donation to go towards a specific project, please contact our Individual Giving Manager Rachel Spause at

I have an additional question.

Please contact us using this form or by calling our box office at 215-546-7824.