Photo: Bill Hebert


Instead of a typical subscription, for our 2020-21 Season, we’re offering a new type of way to get your tickets for next season: a WilmaPass.

With a WilmaPass, you’re showing your commitment to the Wilma, not to a specific night or production, but to our art, to the performers and artists you’ve grown to love, and to the value of theater in our city.

The WilmaPass tickets can be used in any combination you’d like. Use it for one seat per show, all for one performance, or in any combination you’d like.

Please consider adding a tax-deductible donation to your order to help us return from this hiatus stronger than ever. 

We’re hoping to start our season in the Fall, but will make any necessary adjustments – including possible digital productions – to ensure everyone’s health and safety. 



Why are there no dates in our season announcement?

Because of the pandemic, we’re not yet prepared to say when our theater will re-open. Once we know our dates, we’ll announce them to our WilmaPass subscribers so they can pick their dates and their seats.

What happens if the theater cannot reopen by the Fall?

We are actively planning for various scenarios, including: limiting seating capacity, delaying our re-opening, and digital productions. We are using this moment in time as an opportunity to creatively innovate. Our decisions will be guided by what is safe for our audiences, artists, and staff, and what will create the best possible theater.

Will I be able to choose my own seats?

Audiences returning to our theater will be allowed to choose their own seats, and WilmaPass subscribers will be able to choose them first. 

What does my WilmaPass tickets provide?

The WilmaPass is the ultimate in flexibility. You can choose any dates and times for your future productions. 

What will happen if you create a digital production?

If we create a digital production – either in addition to or to replace a typical production – you will be able to use your WilmaPass tickets to view the online show. We’re still working out the details of what a digital production might be and look like. However, if you prefer to hold onto your tickets for seats in our theater, you can do that!

Why are the WilmaPasses so affordable?

Because this moment in history is so uncertain, we wanted to reward and thank those of you that make an early commitment to us. Plus, we know that so many people are hurting financially and we want our productions to be seen by as many people as possible. A WilmaPass purchase will help us return from this forced intermission stronger than ever! If you can make an additional tax-deductible donation equal to or greater than the cost of a standard subscription to support our work, we appreciate that so much.

I have an additional question.

Please contact us using this form or by calling our box office at 215-546-7824.