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Individual Donors

A Special Note to Our Donors
This list acknowledges donations as of June 30, 2018.  If your name has been omitted or misprinted, please accept our apologies and kindly notify us by contacting Development Department at 215-893-9456 x109.

+ denotes five year consecutive donors
* denotes donations to the Theater Lovers Fête 2018

The Premiere Circle

The Premiere Circle is a group of our community’s leaders who demonstrate their love of living, adventurous art through their gifts of $1,000 or more. The benefits of the Premiere Circle are designed to bring members closer to the artists whose work they make possible. For more information, please contact the Development Department at 215-893-9456 x109.

$5,000 and above

Dr. Peter H. Arger+, in honor of Donald Stanley Wilf
Paula and Arjun Bedi
Peter A. Benoliel and Willo Carey+
Clare D’Agostino, Esq.+
Mark and Tobey Dichter+
Estate of Therese Barringer
Herman and Helen Fala+
Michael Finney and Gypsy Achong+
Tim Sabol and Judd Flesch
Linda and David Glickstein+
Carole Haas Gravagno*
Peggy and Rich Greenawalt+
David Haas+
Val Arkoosh and Jeff Harbison+
Jane and Brad Hollingsworth
The Holmes Family Donor Advised Fund
AJ Irvin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lewis and Ellen Johnston+
Gay and Donald Kimelman+
Virginia and Harvey Kimmel Arts Education Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Linck+
David E. Loder+
Tom Mahoney+
Don and Barbara Parman+
The Suzanne F. Roberts Cultural Development Fund+
John and Theresa Rollins+
Mari and Peter Shaw+
Ellen B. Solms+
Peter and Jeralyn Svanda
David and Lisa U’Prichard+
Dr. R.J. Wallner+
Ted and Stevie Wolf+
Leslie Miller and Richard Worley Foundation*
Stephen and Florence Zeller+

$2,500 to $4,999

Amy Branch and Jeff Benoliel+
Robert T. Foley+
Eduardo Glandt and George Ritchie+
Mindy and Jerry Goldberg
James and Eleanor McGillin+
Dr. Vincent Sanguineti and Dr. Marion Frank+
Gayle and David Smith+
Jonathan and Judith Stein

$1,000 to $2,499

David W. Anstice and Ana-Maria V. Zaugg+
Louis Bluver+
Jacqueline Bodin
Lois G. Brodsky+
Marie Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Granville Crothers, Sr.+
Robert M. Dever+
The Haley Foundation
Gretchen Tenny Hall and David Sa’adah+
Gail Harrity and Sandy Tilney*
James Haskins and Michael Whistler+
Elizabeth Higginbotham+
Lynne and Harold Honickman*
Jeanne Ruddy and Victor F. Keen*
Louise and Peter Kelly
Naomi Grabel and Neil Kutner
Eva and Michael Leeds
Janice Madden
Wendy Wilson and Bruce McKittrick+
Megan and Lou Minella+
Quan Nguyen and Jessica Geyer+
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Porter+
David and Susan Rattner+
Vesna and Howard Sacks+
Karen Scholnick+
George R. Smith
Evelyn G. Spritz+
Charles and Melissa Thorne+
The Toner Family+
Geraldine Wang
Sally and Andy Williams
The June and Steve Wolfson Family Foundation+
Jeanne Wrobleski*
Blanka Zizka+

The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund are donors who are essential to the continuation of the Wilma’s work and mission.  We rely on the support of these members of the community who support bold, original, well-crafted productions.

$750 to $999

Gene Bishop and Andrew Stone+

$500 to $749
Al and Marilyn Blatter+
David B. Devan and David A. Dubbeldam*
Drs. Charles Gear and Ann Lee Morgan+
Gretchen Hall+
Randy Hubschmidt – Fortis-Wealth*
Melanye Finister and David Ingram
Barbara Moskow
Jerome Napson+, In memory of Annie Richardson
Nyambi Nyambi*
Anne Patterson*
Rosalind Remer*
Patricia Saddier+
Terri Sebree*
Dianne L. Semingson*
Kathleen Stephenson
Betty Gottlieb
Mr. Richard H. and Dr. Barbara Woods+
Tom and Jackie Zemaitis+

$250 to $499

Paul Adorno*
Ann and David Brownlee+
Ellie and Nick Cernansky+
Johanna Pfealzero and Russell Champa*
Ann and Kwan Chen
Mr. and Mrs. M. Toothman
James D. Crawford and Judith N. Dean
John Detre+
Margaret Chew Dolan
Judith S. Finkel, PhD
Dan Gannon+
Elizabeth H. Gemmill
David Glancey and Alice Reyes
William Gross and Janice Clarke
Birgitte Haselgrove
Marion V. Heacock+
Jim Heenehan and Carolyn Guss+
Ralph and Natalie Hirshorn+
Anne Holmes*
Michael J. Hozik and Margaret L. Rea
Sampath Kannan and Patrick Coue+
Ian Kirschemann+
Allen J. Kuharski
David Lerman and Shelley Wallock+
Mr. Gregory and Dr. Cynthia Line
Ann T. Loftus and Eileen M. Talone+
Margaret and Bruce Mainland+
Dr. Sally Mallory+
Matinee Ladies and Token Male
Brenda K. Mayer, In Memory of AJ Irvin
Joseph and Ilene McCaffrey+
Patrick O’Bannon
Ox Koi & Teal Foundation
Ashish Patel*
Michael Presser
F.L. Rodgers Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey+
Gordon and Karen Rose+
Dan and Barbara Rottenberg+
David Sacker and Darcy Hayes*
Antoinette Farrar Seymour+
Norah Sheridan and Joe Ferrara
Valerie A. Smith
Pat and Elaine Sweeney+
Linda and Jonathan Tabas
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Taylor+
Bobby Towcimak
Donna and Andrew Wechsler
Bob Weinberg and Eleanor Wilner+
Harry and Mary Ann Woodcock+

$150 to $249

Anonymous (2)
Phyllis and Charles Adams+
James S. and Sandra N. Andrews
Leah Baron
Bill Benton and Margaret Perryman+
David L. Buchbinder+
Michael P. Buckley+
Louise Burton
Elizabeth Carmalt
Ronnie and Jack Cimprich+
Tim and Cathy Conahan+
John and Fern Culhane
Daniel Drecksage and Leslie Sudock+
David Durham+
John Erickson and Harry Zaleznik+
Gil Feinberg and Nadeen Van Tuyle+
Andrew Gelber+
Steve and Pat Gluckman+
June L. Hament
Mr. and Mrs. Hasselmo
Michael and Angela Hennessey+
Jane and Steve Heumann+
Terry Hirshorn+
Wallace F. Hussong+
Eva R. Jackson
Linda and Peter Jones
Diane and Tim Lachman
Daniel Lee+
Joe and Ginny Leonard
Sissie and Herb Lipton+
Cirel and Howard Magen+
Richard and Sandra Malkin
Julia Mayer and Barry Jacobs+
Donna Mayforth+
Nassya and Aaron Owens+
Bill and Mary Jo Potter+
Paige Price
Drs. Michael and Unah Pro
Dana and Christopher Scott
Joan and Jerry Roller
Michael and Randi Rothmel
Harriet Dichter and John Schapiro+
Linda and Gerry Senker+
Irene Silver
Claudia Pine-Simon and Morton J. Simon, Jr.+
Donna Snow
Howard Spodek+
Catherine and Bobby Stewart
David Waterbor Uthe
Cindy Veloric
Leonard Weinberg and Fran Gallun
Drs. James and Jenette Wheeler+
Carolyn L. Whitaker
F. Gordon Yasinow
Peter Zutter and Tom Murphy+

This list acknowledges donations as of June 30, 2018

$100 to $149

Veronica Aplenc
Eduardo Ardiles
Sheldon Joe Bell+
Glenn Bergman*
Nancy and Jay Berkowitz*
Charles Brennan
Sophie and Ed Bronstein
Barbara Daneluzzi
Jess Gulash and Julie Dees*
Susan Dempsey
Eve and Jeff Edwards
David Elesh+
Aron B. and Joan Fisher+
Alan Folsom and Kathryn Ruch
Drs. Alan and Patti Friedman+
David Gottlieb and Becky Hutto
Richard Grimes+
Brent Groce and Donna Cordner
Robert Hedley and Harriet Power+
Natalie Isser+
Margaret Meigs and Paul Laskow+
Steven and Barbara Lember+
Todd Levin and Andre Beckett
Alice and Richard Mandel
Fran Martin
The Mastrianos
Marta Nolan-Alley
Norma Notzold
Daniel Perelstein
Iris and Paul Perlstein
Maureen Pugh
Sara and Samy Rabinovic Charitable Fund*
Ken Richman+
Gary and Robin Risler
Lee and Linda Jean Schneider
Joann Seaver+
Susan B. Sorenson
Lucille Sotzing*
Claudia Tesoro and Richard Greenstein
Roger Thomas
Annis Lee Townsend
Frank Trotta
Gerald Veasley*
Marlene Weinstein
Linda Shrier and Theodore Weiss
Chet Wichowski
Alan and Leni Windle
Don Wynne and Bonnie Brown
Hilary Zankel
Emily Zeck*

$25 to $99

Diane and David Allan+
Carol Aronoff+
Elaine Baer, in honor of Dr. Peter Arger
David Ballard
Yvonne Bartman
Irene Berkowitz, in memory of Edwin Berkowitz
Shirley Biele
Thomas and Kristen Bissinger
Blaine Bonham
Maryellen Blass
Robert Carr
L Chance
Paul D. Chrystie+
Sharon Corbin
Monica D’Antonio
Luis DeVelasco
Edward D’Orazio+
Jerilyn Dressler, In memory of John Peakes
James Dupree*
Martha Durkin
Neil Durkin
Charles and Jeanne Dyer+
Norman and Carolyn Ellman+
Erin Elman
Marie L. Filipponi
Janet Fishman*
Kathleen A. Foster
Dennis Gallagher+
Valerie Gay
Philip and Karen Glick
Drs. Paul and Judith Goode
Angela and Stuart Grodanz+
Diana and Robert Harding
Marc Henley
Robert Heuckeroth and Cynthia Bohse
Andrew Kahan
Gina and Don Kaiser
Dean Kaplan and Barbara Mattleman
Emily Klebanoff
John Landreau and Sherri Grasmuck
Jack Larimore
Lawrence Lindsay and Carla Puppin+
Marc Lowenstein and Deborah Davies+
Mike McPhilmy and Nadine Lomakin+
Thom and Cynthia Mollen
Hortensia R. Morell
Leah Morris
Michael Nailor
Patrick O’Hare
Amy Ostroff
Mariana Palacios+
James and Temmie Pearson
Deena Pollack
Thomas and Candace Pratt
Jonathan and Diane Rogers+
Maria Rossman
Bernard Rothman
Renee Rubin
Marjorie Samoff
Ann Herrmann-Sauer and Richard Sauer+
Arlene Schaller+
Winifred Shaw-Hope+
James Siegel+
Douglas and Merril Smith+
Richard R. Smith+
Robert Snyder
Jamie and Amanda Spencer*
Marianne Stone
Kathleen Ross and Daniel Szyld
Frank and Sylvia Tarzanin
William Thompson
Pat Risoli Toy+
Stanley Ware+
Rochelle Weiss
David Wierz
Therese M. Willis*
Fred Wolfe
Stephanie Zarus
Michael Zuckerman+

Under $25

Joanne Aitken
Robin Allen
Richard Aregood
Carin Bonifacino
Lorena Broesamle
Kayla Byrd
Claudia Carabelli
Gerard R. D’Alessio
Justin Davis
Cherise Dawson
Anthony DiCintio
Leticia Dorsa
Mona Doyle
Steven Everly
Kelly Farrelly
Steven Feierman and Sandra Barnes
Esai Figueroa
Janice Frye
Lori Gallo
Heather Gayton
Brian Gianelos
Benjamin Gilmartin
Marilyn Gilpin
Gary Ginsberg
Luisa Gomes
Hellmut Gottschild and Brenda Dixon Gottschild
Jennifer Gruce
Michael Harrison
Christopher Hartley
Thomas Herninko
Andrea Knox and Jonathan Hodgson
Aaron Jackson
Dennis Landon
Debby Lau*
Donald Lehman
Shelly and Alan Lependorf
Deborah MacPherson
Daisy Mase
Lori Maskovsky
Marna Matthews
Brian McGarry
Todd Mecaughey
Tiberiu Mihaila
Kim Mitchell-Smith
Kevin and Elizabeth Moran
Bradley Mott
Lelia Muckelston
Kimberly Paynter
Paul Prasalowicz
Justin Pullins
Brian Ratcliffe
Samuel Rauch
David Remis and Carolyn Terry
Zachary Remson
Michele Roberts
Natalia Rodriguez
Stephanie Roybal
Ellen Ryan
Ruth and Anthony Scavozzi
Dana Sciorillo
Charles Smith
Lynne Stein
Linda Stulz
Melissa Treshock
Marco Trizzino
Mariana Vassallo
Eddie Velasquez
Leka Ward
Elizabeth Weihmann
Sally Weinberg
Richard Weishaupt and Carolyn L. Daffron
Ida Wiener Moss
Deven Williams