by Sophocles
translated by Marianne McDonald
directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos
October 7, 2015November 8, 2015

Meet the Artists


Ross Beschler • As Teiresias and Chorus
Sarah Gliko • As Ismene and Eurydice
Stathis Grapsas • As Teiresias and Chorus
Justin Jain • As Second Messenger
Jennifer Kidwell • As Antigone
Jered McLenigan • As Guard and Chorus
Antonis Miriagos • As Creon
Paolo Musio • As Leader of Chorus
Brian Ratcliffe • As Haemon
Steven Rishard • As Messenger and Chorus
Ed Swidey • As Narrator

Production Team

Theodoros Terzopoulos • Director
Savvas Stroumpos • Assistant Director & Training Coach
Panayiotis Velianitis • Composer
Patreshettarlini Adams • Resident Stage Manager / AEA
Panayiotis Velianitis

Panayiotis Velianitis was born in Athens in 1963. He is a member of the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association and of the Centre of Contemporary Music Research, where he specialized in the computerized composition system UPIC developed by I. Xenakis as well as in computer music, sound synthesis and composition. Since 1986 he has participated in concerts of contemporary music. He has composed music for experimental movies, animation and performances of ancient Greek drama and contemporary theater. His music extends from acoustic to electroacoustic and mixed media compositions. He develops interactive applications using software platforms such the MAX/MSP. One of them is the Opticoacoustic Reactor (OAR) that transforms movement captured by a camera into sound controller’s data. Since 1991 he has worked with the director Theodoros Terzopoulos and Attis Theatre. He composed music for: Aeschylus, Persians (Athens, 1991), Euripides’ Heracles Enraged (Athens, 1999), Euripides’ Bacchae (Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus, 2001), Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex (Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, 2006), Persians (Athens – Istanbul, 2006), M. Pontikas’ Cassandra (Athens, 2007), H. Müller’s Mauser (Athens, 2009), Th. Terzopoulos Alarme (Athens, 2010), Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound (Athens - Istanbul – Essen 2010), Th. Alevras’ Amor (Athens 2013), S. Beckett’s Endgame (Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, 2014), Euripides’ Bacchae (Stanislavsky Theatre, Moscow, 2015)