Irina Kruzhilina

Irina Kruzhilina is a Russian-born, New York-based theatre artist, scenographer, visual dramaturg, and educator, creating work at the
intersection of visual art, live performance, and civic engagement. Her creative endeavors range from interdisciplinary downtown theatre to large scale parades, from opera to site responsive installations. Her work has been shown at Times Square, Tokyo Disney, BAM, Prague National Theatre, NY Philharmonic, and Barbican Center. Irina’s most recent work includes a large-scale site-specific performance installation, A Dozen Dreams which she co-created with Anne Hamburger and John Eisner. Irina’s work embraces collaborative artistic exchange among theatre makers from different backgrounds, fostering generous creative and educational environments that value a diversity of approaches and ideas. Irina is the founder of Visual Echo, a New York-based performance organization dedicated to facilitating generative dialogues among people from diverse backgrounds. Irina is a faculty member at the New School of Drama and a Chashama resident.