Coming Home

by Athol Fugard
directed by Blanka Zizka

October 14 – November 15, 2009

In his latest play, master playwright Athol Fugard (My Children! My Africa!, “Master Harold”…and the boys) crafts a moving tale of a young South African woman’s never-ending hope for a better future. As a teenager, Veronika left her cherished grandfather’s farm with aspirations of becoming a cabaret singer in Cape Town. Years later, she returns to her hometown with broken dreams, a painful secret, and the unflinching hope of building a new life for her young son. From “the greatest active playwright in the English-speaking world” (TIME Magazine), Coming Home is a soaring emotional experience, touching, funny, and unforgettable.


“Playwright Athol Fugard’s dramatic powers — last witnessed at the Wilma in 2007’s My Children! My Africa! — prove undiminished!”
— Philadelphia City Paper
“The Wilma Theater opens its season with a supremely enriching production of Athol Fugard’s new play Coming Home. Featuring extraordinarily well-crafted characters, we become fully immersed in their lives, thanks in part to strong performances from the excellent cast. Director Blanka Zizka coaxes and caresses the story forward with a marvelously fluid, almost magical production that fully embraces the play’s lyricism.”
“Beautifully crafted, elegant! The play sweeps you in, as does the fluid staging by director Blanka Zizka!”
— The Philadelphia Inquirer