My Wonderful Day

by Alan Ayckbourn
directed by Richard Hamburger

May 18 – June 19, 2011

Critically acclaimed in both London and New York, My Wonderful Day is the most recent comedy by Tony® winner Alan Ayckbourn (The Norman Conquests, Absurd Person Singular), who has surprised and entertained audiences with over 70 plays in the past 50 years.  In this play, Laverne, an Afro-Caribbean cleaning woman, brings Winnie, her young daughter, to the house of her wealthy clients in London.  Winnie’s determined to complete her school assignment of chronicling her “wonderful day,” but quite unexpectedly finds herself witness to a tangled love affair.  What ensues is a wickedly funny and bold dissection of a turbulent marriage that serves as Winnie’s topsy-turvy initiation into Life. “One of the strongest productions I’ve seen on or off-Broadway in recent seasons; if you miss it, you’ll regret it – a lot!” -The Wall Street Journal


“My Wonderful Day gets funnier and funnier!”
— The Philadelphia Inquirer
“An evening spent laughing…is a useful tonic!”
— Broad Street Review
“Definitely make time to see this production – you’re guaranteed to have several priceless laughs!”
— Culture Mob
Departure for a prolific playwright
— The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia Actor Yearns to Come Home
— The Philadelphia Tribune