Code Black Planet

Taj Rauch

Taj Rauch is a recent graduate of the Directing, Playwriting and Production program at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, as well as the co-founder of the theater company, Speakeasy 932. His body of work consists of existential commentaries on nihilistic worlds through film, installation, writing and choreography.

His notable works of the past few years include:

  • Code Blue (2020), a 13 minute drama exploring the ways in which the president handled the epidemic of COVID-19. Produced by the Wilma and directed by Blanka Zizka, Taj designed the sound as well as edited the video.
  • Is God Is Documentary (2020) Taj was commissioned to create a documentary for a the radio play adaptation of Is God Is, directed by James Ijames and produced by the Wilma.
  • Flu Shot (2019), premiered at the Ice Box Project Space after being accepted into The Space Program’s, Flesh & Mesh show. This piece was a collaboration between Taj Rauch and Nyeree Boyadjian, with the first half written by Boyadjian and filmed by Taj, and the latter half written by Rauch and filmed by Boyadjian.
  • Acedia (2018), his first professionally produced full length play about a demon who works in Human Resources for Hell. Premiered in the UArts season in the spring of 2018 following his graduation in December.
  • Proxy (2016) an installation exploring the deep web which contained a projected qr code that when scanned, displayed a monologue of someone trapped in the internet.
  • Kigo (2016) a film with a script composed entirely of linked haikus that follows an immortal man at the end of the universe.