Aurora Circle

As we celebrate the return to live theater in Philadelphia, be a part of the next generation of theatergoers! We are excited to announce the Aurora Circle, a new community of supporters of Philly’s vibrant arts scene who are helping to create a brighter future for new works and our community of artists, in the city and beyond. Experience each show in the Wilma’s bold, adventurous season, and then meet the artists that help to create them. Aurora Circle members will have the opportunity to learn about the creative process from the actors and production teams that bring them to life and engage with peers who share a love of the theater arts.  

Every member of the circle is invited to our special Aurora Circle Evenings!  

For each mainstage production, there will be an Aurora Circle Evening, where members will be invited to watch the production together, then gather for an intimate post-show salon featuring members of our artistic cohort, cast and production. Over a drink, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about the current production, discuss the Wilma’s season and the arts scene overall, and make friends old and new.  

Aurora Circle Evening Dates 

The dates for our special Aurora Circle receptions are as follows:  

The Cherry Orchard: Saturday, April 23 at 8 p.m. 

Fairview: Saturday, June 11 at 8 p.m. 

Please note that Aurora Circle member tickets may be used for any performance. For more information, contact Emily Wanamaker, Development Associate, at  

Read more about the Wilma’s 2021-22 Season! 

 Other Aurora Circle benefits include:  

  • tickets to each mainstage production  
  • dramaturgy packets for each mainstage production, which will give you a sneak peek into each production before you see it  
  • discounts on additional tickets to Wilma productions  
  • discounts on other Wilma events, including the annual gala  
  • Behind the scenes tours and other benefits are available at higher levels!  

Your membership supports the Wilma’s productions as well as our community programs 

As an Aurora Circle member, you are supporting The Wilma, a Philadelphia institution known for its bold, thought-provoking productions featuring plays from up-and-coming artists as well as radical reinterpretations of classics. The Wilma also runs award-winning education and outreach programs working with communities throughout the city. 

For a limited time, we are offering membership to the Aurora Circle at a discounted rate for the remainder of the 2021/22 season!

Aurora Circle Member Levels 

New Friend $200 $135 ($67 not tax deductible)   

  • One ticket to each mainstage production for the Wilma’s 2021-22 season 
  • Invitation for yourself and a friend to an Aurora Circle reception for each show, where you’ll mix and mingle with Co-Artistic Director Morgan Green and other actors and artists from the production 
  • Concierge service for reserved seating and special requests 
  • A special dramaturgy packet for each production with behind the scenes information, set and costume design, and more! 
  • Discounted tickets to the Wilma’s annual gala; and 
  • Discounts on additional tickets to Wilma productions. 

Special discount! Click here to join as a couple and get $35 off! That’s two New Friend memberships for $235!

Good Friend $400 $270 ($134 not tax deductible)   

Everything above plus:  

  • An additional ticket to each mainstage production for the Wilma’s 2021-22 season 
  • An invitation to a special behind-the-scenes tour at the Wilma with Morgan Green, Co-Artistic Director of the Wilma. 

Special discount! Click here to join as a couple and get $70 off!  That’s two Good Friend memberships for $470!  

Best Friend $750 $500 ($201 not tax deductible)  

Everything above plus: 

  • Two additional tickets to each mainstage production for the Wilma’s 2021-22 season – for a total of four tickets for each show!  
  • An invitation to special event with the Artistic Cohort 
  • Special listing as a member of our Aurora Circle Committee on the Wilma website and materials. 

Special discount! Click here to join as a couple and get $130 off!  That’s two Best Friend memberships for $870! 

To join, contact Development Associate Emily Wanamaker at or call the Wilma Box Office at 215-546-7824. 

If you have already bought a subscription or WilmaPass for the Wilma’s 2021-22 season, we can adjust your membership dues accordingly. 

Interested in joining the Aurora Circle, but would prefer to pay for your membership monthly? Contact Development Associate Emily Wanamaker at for more information.

Please note that we are aware of the ongoing COVID pandemic, and are working to ensure that we have strong protocols in place for in-person performances, as well as creating opportunities for online viewing.  We will be updating our calendar of events as necessary.