Cherry Docs

a U.S. premiere by David Gow directed by Jiri Zizka

May 3 – June 4, 2000

Mike (Jason Field) is an unrepentant Skinhead accused of murder, and Legal Aid has assigned him a lawyer: an ambitious, hard-working, Jewish lawyer (David Strathairn). In this explosive play, David Gow explores the nature of hate. Danny, a lawyer who prides himself on his liberal tolerance, must come to terms with the feelings Mike unearths in him. And Mike’s life is suddenly in the hands of a man whom he wishes were dead. As both men reluctantly agree to work together, they come to realize that more than their beliefs are on the line. In this confrontation, their very lives hang in the balance. The Wilma is proud to present the American premiere of David Gow’s powerful CHERRY DOCS, which asks a simple, but harrowing, question: Can we eliminate hate?