MK Tuomanen and Ross Beschler in TWELFTH NIGHT

MK Tuomanen

MK Tuomanen (they/them) has been seen at the Wilma as Bart in Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play (2018) and Bette in Fairview (2022). Their play Night Science has been developed at the Wilma through the Virginia Toulmin Foundation. They are a company member of Applied Mechanics (performing as Crispy the Bacterium in Other Orbits, July 2023) and an associated artist at the Bearded Ladies Cabaret, with whom they directed Rose, You Are Who You Eat by John Jarboe (Fringe 2023). They are a Jerome Fellow at the Playwright’s Center in Minneapolis. They are so grateful to Wilma family and Yury for encouraging them in their full genderqueer