Stacey McBride

Stacey McBride (She, Her) is a HMA, Special FX, Wardrobe/ Dresser and Stagehand based in Philadelphia, PA  Acquiring the  working knowledge of behind the scenes in the entertainment industry from the years of managing the office of IATSE Local 8 from there that’s when she branched out with other Locals in the industry, working venues in the Philadelphia and Tri- State area , New York and beyond.

Affiliated and works with IATSE, Local 799, Local 417,  Local 8 Stagehand, Faces by Fre and Local 52 on Movies, Films, Shows, Concerts and Plays and TV commercials some of her credits include: Snipes, invincible, SnowBabies, Brothers by Blood.

IG: @Beautifulwavesboutique