Eurydice photo by Jim Roese


by Sarah Ruhl
directed by Blanka Zizka

April 30 – June 1, 2008

Pulitzer Prize nominee and MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship winner Sarah Ruhl enchanted Wilma audiences in 2005 with her heartwarming play, The Clean House.  Finally, with Eurydice comes the artistic reunion theatergoers have been waiting for.  On the day Eurydice is to marry her true love Orpheus, a tragic misstep sends her plummeting to the surreal depths of the Underworld.  Memories are forbidden in this world of the dead, but an unexpected reunion with her father vividly awakens Eurydice’s mind with the love she felt in life.  When Orpheus braves the gates of hell to find her, Eurydice must painfully decide whether to remain with her father or return to her Earthly love.  A modern tale of loss and love, Eurydice is the classic myth of Orpheus retold from the heroine’s point of view, abounding with surprising plot twists, quirky humor, and an original musical score unique to this production.


“The Wilma production, with its spare, abstract, sloping sets and stylized acting – all superior to last year’s production in New York – lent itself the unorthodox sound envelope created by four voices and solo cello in tight-knit, even microtonal harmonies…Composer Twining’s Eurydice remarkably transcends the greatness that audiences may already know…Great music dwells where least expected!”
— The Philadelphia Inquirer
“Theatrically bold, slyly comic, and visually and aurally fascinating, Eurydice ends the Wilma’s 29th season on an artistic high note!”
— City Paper
Eurydice photo by Jim Roese