Jered Mclenigan and Campbell O'Hare in Blood Wedding.

Campbell O’Hare

Our shared experiences as a company arrive onstage in the connections between our characters, the athleticism and daring of our bodies, emotions, and voices, and the wild abandon with which we trust and support one another as an ensemble. Our time together is a gift.

Campbell O’Hare is a member of the Wilma Hothouse company where past productions include: Heroes of the Fourth Turning (Drama League Nomination for Outstanding Digital Theater, Individual Production), Describe the Night, Dance Nation, Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play, Blood Wedding (Barrymore Nomination, Leading Performance) and Rapture, Blister, Burn (Barrymore Award, Supporting Performance). Philadelphia credits: Charlotte’s Web, Equivocation (Arden Theatre Co.); Romeo and Juliet (Commonwealth Classic Theatre); The Whale (Barrymore Nomination, Supporting Performance/ Theatre Exile); Mauritius (Act II Playhouse); Othello (Lantern Theater Company). Campbell is a core squad member of On the Rocks ( where past credits include: Our Ouija Board, Wolfcrush, The Bride’s a C%$@, and Birdie’s Pit Stop.

Instagram: @redhandedjill14