Performer Brennen S. Malone, Director of Photography Leslie Rivera, and Director Morgan Green rehearse a scene of FAT HAM.

Leslie Rivera

Leslie Rivera is a Puerto Rico-born writer/director driven by a passion for storytelling and entertainment. With a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, Les has created captivating narratives in the form of short films, documentaries, and as the director of photography for the movie adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, “Fat Ham.” As an educator, Les shares low-budget filmmaking techniques on the Blatino Cineninja YouTube channel, where he also brought his award-winning feature debut, “Papi Ramirez vs Giant Scorpions,” to life. Shot in a rental storage unit with clever techniques, the film showcases Les’ love for retro cinema and tells an entertaining story of a father’s extraordinary dedication to his child. Leslie Rivera’s artistic journey is fueled by a quest for excellence, commitment to entertainment, and a desire to uncover truth through the magic of storytelling.