Angels in America, Parts One and Two

by Tony Kushner
directed by Blanka Zizka

September 12 – October 21, 2012

From the wreckage of an Angel’s dramatic descent from heaven which concludes Part One: Millennium ApproachesAngels in America forges ahead in Part Two: Perestroika. Everything in our world is changing. The AIDS epidemic is escalating, the ozone layer is under attack, and God has abandoned all of mankind. Amid this chaos, Tony Kushner creates a cosmic-scale portrait of America through now-legendary characters: ancient rabbis, Mormon housewives, neoconservatives, blind revolutionaries, closeted gay men, imaginary travel agents. Together, their lives intersect and get blown apart with both profound symbolism and brilliant comedy.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Part Two: Perestroika, the Wilma presents the Tony® Award-winning masterpiece which countless prominent actors have starred in, from Meryl Streep to Al Pacino. Exploring social, political, and sexual revelations, the play is as relevant today as when it was written, particularly in an election year heightened by identity politics. In addition, Part One: Millennium Approaches returns following its acclaimed run earlier this year, giving audiences the opportunity to experience the one-of-a-kind event in its entirety.


“This week, the Wilma Theater opens its season with an impressive production of Tony Kushner’s masterpiece Perestroika, the second play in Kushner’s epic Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes.”
— Review in Philadelphia Weekly
“Zizka’s first-rate ensemble effectively delivers the chaotic thoughts and heightened emotions experienced by Kushner’s microcosm of humanity, along with his survivors’ personal growth, acceptance, and zest for life, despite its travails.”
— Review from STAGE Magazine
“Blanka Zizka has directed brilliantly, aided by the superb cast she hired. The players don’t push for laughs; they never mug or underline their words.”
— Broad Street Review
“Kushner has stuffed everything into this gorgeous, enormous two-part play about forgiveness and hope.”
— Review in The Philadelphia Inquirer
“In Zizka’s staging, the angel’s appearance is more memorable than in the original Broadway production!”
— Review in Philadelphia Weekly
“Massive and magnificent! [Part One was] living, thrilling theater brilliantly directed by Blanka Zizka! I can hardly wait for Part Two!”
— Review in The Philadelphia Inquirer