Multiple universes, multiple stages: Get to know Sarah Gliko and Jered McLenigan

Jered, an actor, and Sarah, an actress, meet at a callback audition. In that moment, could they have imagined they would be sharing The Wilma Theater’s stage in years or later, or for that matter be married? Get to know the cast of the Wilma’s hit show Constellations in their interview with Education Assistant Jenny Ruymann.

Philadelphia and the Humble Honey Bee

In Constellations, the character Roland describes his unique profession as a beekeeper:

 “Honeybees have an unfailing clarity of purpose. Their lives are often intensely short. But in a strange sort of way, I’m jealous of the humble honey bee and their quiet elegance … If only our existence were that simple. If only we could understand why it is that we’re here and what it is that we’re meant to spend our lives doing.