Fat Ham

by James Ijames
directed by Morgan Green

COSTUMES Maiko Matsushima
LIGHTING Xavier Pierce 

EDITOR Leslie Rivera

STAGE MANAGER Patreshettarlini Adams 
PROPS Missy Furth
HAIR & MAKE-UP Stacey McBride


JUICY Brennen S. Malone
TEDRA Kimberly S. Fairbanks
REV/PAP  Lindsay Smiling
OPAL Taysha Marie Canales
LARRY Brandon J. Pierce 
RABBY Jennifer Kidwell
TIO Anthony Martinez-Briggs



A house in North Carolina. Could also be Virginia, or Maryland or Tennessee. It is not Mississippi, or Alabama or Florida. That’s a different thing all together.



O that this too, too sullied flesh would melt, thaw and dissolve itself into a dew. 

I distinctly remember learning this line of text in my freshmen dorm room. I had never really acted before and, suddenly, I am in a scene from Hamlet for a directing class. I knew of Hamlet, but I hadn’t read it in total until this moment. I was also mending from the first real heartbreak of my life. He lived in the dorm across the courtyard from my own, and I saw him all the time. It was supremely painful. At that time, I wasn’t fully comfortable with my sexual orientation, and so Hamlet’s desire to “melt, thaw and dissolve” felt right in line with everything I was feeling. My journey with Hamlet and my queerness run parallel to each other. I have carried that line with me for years. The whole play seems to have recurred in my life over and over. A boyfriend gave me a necklace, inscribed with Ophelia’s line “Oh, woe is me. T’have seen what I have seen, see what I see!” I wore that little loop of Shakespeare until our relationship ended after four years. (Is this play cursed?) In 2015 I saw Blanka Zizka’s production of Hamlet featuring Zainab Jah in the title role. I saw this ambitious and complex production sitting beside the man that I would marry three years later. The play has grown up with me, and it has intersected with the great moments of love, softness and tenderness in my romantic life. To that end, Fat Ham is a prayer for queer people who can’t give voice to their affection, who wish that they could “dissolve.” The prayer is asking for liberation, for families that learn, for language that hasn’t yet been coined that is needed to describe your lived experience, for softness in brutal spaces, for pleasure that withstands pain. I’m asking Hamlet, Gertrude, Ophelia, and the rest of the court of Denmark to “carry on” “to LIIIIIIVE” “to feeeeeel themselves.”

James Ijames
Co-Artistic Director Wilma Theater



Over a year ago, I sat down with James Ijames at the Good Karma Cafe in the theater lobby and asked if I could direct his play, Fat Ham, as part of the inaugural Wilma Next Chapter season. While we didn’t know each other well yet, we had already identified a mutual admiration and respect for one another. Through Co-Artistic Directoring (yes, it’s a word now) and collaborating on Fat Ham, this admiration has deepened and flourished. James writes from the heart, and that’s how he works, as well. Fat Ham seduced me with its irreverent sendup of Shakespeare’s most famous play, Hamlet, along with what hits me as a celebration of femininity, softness, and self-knowledge. When we decided to pivot away from an in-person stage production due to COVID-19, I was excited to follow in Blanka Zizka’s footsteps after her work on Heroes of the Fourth Turning and discover how this story would translate to the screen. After much consultation with our intrepid team of designers and Director of Photography, Leslie Rivera, I decided that we’d double down on the outdoor element of the wedding/BBQ in the script and film the play on location in the South. Twenty-four of us traveled to Schuyler, Virginia in the tail end of winter to rehearse and film this piece for five weeks, becoming intimate with the challenges of the eleven long takes that constitute this film. Rather than filming each scene over and over until we achieved what we wanted (as would happen on a traditional film set), we filmed the entire play continuously each time we captured, progressing with the setting sun in order to maintain the feeling of continuous action as you would experience in the theater. This created other obstacles, of course, and required extreme collaboration at every level to pull off. Although I was nervous about a large group coming together in person after months of isolation, this was actually the component of the experience that felt most natural. This remarkable team of artists breathed life into James’s words to create the film. I have now watched Fat Ham exactly one zillion times, and still each time these performers delight me to my core. They are following James’s lead and performing from the heart, bringing so much of themselves to their roles and this story. It fills me with joy to have been able to take Fat Ham from page to screen, to get to share it with you tonight, or whenever you decide to watch it.

Morgan Green
Co-Artistic Director Wilma Theater



Lead Artistic Director, 2020-21 Season: Yury Urnov
Co-Artistic Directors: Morgan GreenJames IjamesBlanka Zizka
Managing Director: Leigh Goldenberg





“Butterfly (Clap Your Wings)” featuring Elle.Morris
Lyrics by Brandon Pierce
Music by Jordan McCree
Vocals by Elle.Morris

“Ophelia’s Song” 
Lyrics by William Shakespeare
Music by Jordan McCree



Season Honorary Producers
Linda and David Glickstein

Lead Honorary Producer
Carole Haas Gravagno

Honorary Producers Circle
Tobey and Mark Dichter
Helen and Herman Fala
Robert Foley
Eva and Michael Leeds
Mari Shaw
Jeralyn Svanda

Funding for this project was provided by:

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Special thanks to SAG-AFTRA


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Spanish Translation of Fat Ham by Fernando Mendez
Spanish and English Captioning by Debra Disbrow
Audio Descriptions by Nicole Sardella
Audio Description edited by Hsin-Yu Chen


Captured digitally as a site-specific production, created in a closed quarantine “bubble” at a private location in Virginia, following strict health guidelines. 



We acknowledge that our theatre is located on land that is not ours. We acknowledge that the Lenni Lenape people are the original people of this land and that they continue to be a vibrant community. 

We acknowledge that we benefit from systems that are rooted in capital created and expanded by the free labor of Black people, in the form of chattel slavery and legal and cultural segregation. We stand in solidarity with Black people in fierce advocacy for equality and justice.​


We acknowledge that we captured this performance on land that is not ours. We acknowledge that the Monacan people are the original people of the land.

The Monacan people once dominated the region that is now called Virginia and after English settlement, while many moved away and joined surrounding tribes, some stayed resisting colonization and maintaining their indigenous traditions in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A practice well-known in the Monacan tradition is that of burying their deceased in mounds, one of which was excavated by Thomas Jefferson, near his plantation at Monticello, relatively close to where we are, after noticing a group of mourners nearby.

Monacan people lived agriculturally and off the land we are standing on growing what many refer to as “Three Sisters” crops – corn, beans, and squash – and hunting deer, elk, and small animals like squirrels and rabbits, which you may have seen. The Monacan people remain a thriving community in this area and continue to do the indigenous warrior work of resisting White Supremacy, reclaiming their land, culture, traditions, and dignity as a recognized people and nation. We acknowledge that we benefit from systems that are rooted in capital created and expanded by the free labor of Black people, in the form of chattel slavery and legal and cultural segregation. We find ourselves today relatively close, about a 2.5-hour drive away from what many recognize as the first slave colony and port Jamestown, which is modern-day Williamsburg, VA. We acknowledge the deep history of slavery on the land in which we will work and stand with Black people in fierce advocacy for equality and justice.

To acknowledge and honor the unceded land of which you are currently occupying, visit We invite you, as you view this story of joy and resistance, to hold space for yourself, honor those that ministered to that land, and become a part of all that is interconnected.

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Lead Artistic Director2020-21 SeasonYury Urnov
Co-Artistic Directors: James IjamesMorgan Greenand Blanka Zizka
Managing Director: Leigh Goldenberg


Producing DirectorKellie Mecleary
Artistic Administrator: Mariah Ghant
HotHouse Company: Ross BeschlerTaysha Marie CanalesKeith ConallenMelanye FinisterSarah GlikoSuli HolumJustin JainAnthony Martinez-BriggsJered McLeniganCampbell O’Hare, Jaylene Clark OwensBrandon Pierce, Steven RishardBrett Ashley RobinsonMatteo ScammellLindsay Smiling
Literary and Artistic Intern: Hanna Yurfest


Education DirectorAnne K. Holmes
Teaching Artists: Ezra Ali-Dow, Rachel Beecher, Jake Blouch, Taysha Marie Canales, Madeline Charne, Jess Conda, Elaina DiMonaco, Kirstie Floyd, Briana Gause, Nick Hatcher, Danielle Lenee Thomas, Donovan Lockett, Anthony Martinez-Briggs, Lee Minora, Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez, Campbell O’Hare, Taj Rauch, Scott Sheppard, Arielle Silar, Devon Sinclair, Josh Totora, Sisi Wright


Program DirectorLee Ann Etzold
Program CoordinatorRachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez
Portable Studio Artists: Patreshettarlini Adams, Ezra J. Ali-Dow, Madeline Charne, Chris Davis, Debra Disbrow, Nick Hatcher, Anthony Martinez-Briggs, Lillian Ransijn


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Institutional Giving ManagerAlix Rosenfeld
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Business ManagerSisi Wright
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Production ManagerChris Nelson
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Leigh Goldenberg
Morgan Green
James Ijames
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Blanka Zizka  


Harvey Kimmel   
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Former Chair
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